Travel Nevada, an outlet for the Nevada Commission on Tourism, recently included some of my photography in a blog article name “Finding Your Nevada Spirit Animal” by Sydney Martinez. One of the photos selected was of a chukar ridge lined on a rock with a cool looking juniper tree in the frame. I spotted this chukar from far away up on a hillside. I had my 100-400mm Canon lens but I was still too far out. I wanted to get closer, so I snuck in as close as I could get. When I got maybe another 70 yards closer the chukar jumped off the rock and dissapeared in the sage and rock. I thought all was lost, so I turned around and headed back to the truck. It wasn’t until I got maybe 20 steps going the other way, the chukar reappeared back up on the rock and made some noise. It seemed to be egging me on. I moved just a bit closer, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get that close. I stretched my canon lens are far as it could go and got off a few really cool shots.

Another lucky photo I got was of this Antelope ridge-line out in the Nevada Backcountry.