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Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Logo Design

The Grand Sierra Resort Marketing Team was tasked at rebranding all the hotel and casino marketing collateral. Along with coming up with impactful marketing campaigns, we were talked at designing a new logo. They wanted a strong but elegant clean logo that could be readable when placed on the side of the tall building. With those parameters they chose the design I came up with.


Skinny Camp Animations

I animated and edited this video commercial with the script created by Zap Labs and the client Skinny Camp. This project presented some unique [...]


Based in Reno, Nevada. I’m a photographer who specialize in landscape photography, editorial photography, commercial photography, portraiture and product photography.

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Motion Design

A true passion of mine is animation and motion design. I love creating visually moving designs that tell a story.

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Print Design

I have nearly 20 years experience designing logos, brochures, and other print marketing collateral.

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Website Design

I’ve specialized in developing small to large business websites that require simple to complex e-commerce  capabilities. From my prior work experience with Couloir magazine, Grand Sierra Resort, Freelance and now Banded Holdings, I’ve gained valuable experience building websites, email campaigns, special landing pages and more.

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