Itasca Software Icon Designs

Itasca, an engineering consulting and software firm, tasked me to design their new software icons with new products they were releasing and in part of a rebranding campaign. Each icon was designed to represent the software's function. It was a challenge to develop a [...]

Grand Millionaire Giveaway Logo

The Grand Millionaire Giveaway was a year long casino promotion at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. I created this logo to 3D pop and get you excited to win cash. This logo looked great on the big billboards around Reno. I also created an animated [...]

Grand Adventure Land Logo

Grand Adventure Land is an outdoor Go-Kart and miniature golf center  at Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. I redesigned this logo to bring a new and exciting look. I also picked a bright orange and blue color scheme to be used throughout their marketing [...]

Stoneyhead Brewing Logo

I've been lucky to help launch the Stoneyhead Brewery. Stoneyhead beer is locally brewed in Reno, Nevada. The design was based on the Moai head statues on Easter Island. I created 3D stone text to go along with the head image. Visit their website at [...]

Billy Dutton Uphill Logo Design

The Billy Dutton Uphill is a ski / running race that goes from the bottom to the top of Squaw Valley, USA. The races was named after a Squaw Valley local badass Billy Dutton, who use to cross country skate up and down the mountain. [...]

Telemark Skier Logo Design

Free the heel, free the mind! Funny to think back to when I designed this logo back in 2000. I worked for Couloir Magazine at the time. There was a growing culture within the Telemark skiing community that wanted to break away from the old [...]

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Logo Design

The Grand Sierra Resort Marketing Team was tasked at rebranding all the hotel and casino marketing collateral. Along with coming up with impactful marketing campaigns, we were talked at designing a new logo. They wanted a strong but elegant clean logo that could be readable when placed on the side of the tall building. With those parameters they chose the design I came up with.